Egyptian Thonet

Old Thonet as we see it

Old Thonet as we see it

The Egyptian Thonet as we call it is an icon in the Egyptian community, found for decades in the local coffee shops, an a variation of the original design Thonet no.14.

Our idea was to revive the diminishing Egyptian Thonets from streets and coffee shops.

The concept is to re-use the same thonet components, but to enhance the design to suit our cultural needs. Stretching and axis rotation to the chair legs was applied to balance the widened seat, 3 variations of the seat were tested.

More details can be found for each chair in their respective pages.

Thonet no.1

In this chair we applied symmetrical stretching towards the whole chair, along with the legs’ axis rotation.

Here we mainly focus on the reflection of the old Egyptian thonet on the old one, and this was expressed through the graphical shadow reflection on the chair

Thonet no.2

Here, the Egyptian coffee shop users’ needs were considered, where means of conversation were made easier, such that the chair was stretched asymmetrically, more to one side than the other to encourage the users to rest their arms while sitting a little bit twisted to speak easily with the person next to them.

The shadow reflected here shows the reflection of the original chair back lines themselves, also showing the stretching of the lines as the sun shines on to them.

Thonet no.3

This chair was meant to express the Egyptian men, and how they would like to be interpreted, as strong, muscular and heavy when looked at.

In this chair the top back unit was adjusted in it’s thickness to emphasis the arm rests, quite similar to the manly muscular shoulders, also stretched to the sides, contradicting with the thin twisted legs which seem not to carefully carry the strong body, but in fact they do!